Aladdin Exchange To Welcome First-time Traders With #MyFirstTrade Promotion

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As a rapidly growing crypto exchange platform, Aladdin Exchange continues to progress by leaps and bounds. Just recently, it has launched exciting events and features that provide its global users with a unique experience.

Following the successful introductions of the crypto industry’s first Inheritance Feature and Aladdin Exchange’s first official native coin, comes another ‘first’ for its users. That said, the Dubai-based platform is thrilled to announce that it will be launching a promotion exclusively for first-time traders.

Called ‘#MyFirstTrade’, the event seeks to entice users to start trading with Aladdin Exchange. In this promo, users are encouraged to highlight their first-ever trading experience with the platform.

To explain briefly, users must take a screenshot of their first trade on the trading history page of Aladdin Exchange and share it on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram). Next, they are required to fill out a form where they can upload screenshots of their trading history and social media posts.

The participation period will run for 30 days starting from 14 February 2022 to 15 March 2022. This means that the trading date shown on the screenshot must be within this date range to qualify. 

Meanwhile, the form will close on 16 March 2022, 12 PM (GMT +4) which concludes the end of the event. Chosen at random, 1000 lucky winners will get a chance to enjoy three months of zero trading fees and shall be notified via email. What’s more, winners will be rewarded with the newly-launched ADC coins!

Notably, this event is not just for new Aladdin Exchange traders. Existing users can also join this event, provided that they have not made any trading prior to the promo period.

The Aladdin Exchange team also emphasized that there should only be one entry per person and that the KYC verification must be completed before joining.

For a detailed explanation of the #MyFirstTrade event, please stay tuned for further announcements. Users can also visit Aladdin Exchange’s website and follow our official outlets.

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