MMC Ventures Capital, By Magical Mansa Musa Continues To Flourish After Another Strategic Partnership Forms

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MMC Ventures Capital, a VC firm established in November 2021 continues to shatter records, as it is pleased to announce its most recent strategic partnership with GT-Protocol, amongst several other partnerships in recent times.

MMC Ventures Capital, founded by Magical Mansa Musa is a VC firm, which invests in early-stage Blockchain projects. MMC manages early-round funding, having established over 8-figure turnover within a few months of its arrival, and has caught the eyes of some major stars and celebrities as well, including Kwebbelkop and John Cena.

MMC Ventures Capital Fund Management

MMC Ventures Capital has thus far invested over $1.25 million USD in high-potential Blockchain projects, which includes a wide range of Launchpads, Defi, Metaverse and Gaming projects. The company generates their capital through different funds aimed at tax-aware individuals, resulting in noticeable revenue streams.

MMC Ventures Capital Partnerships

The team at MMC Ventures Capital considers partnerships as a primary source for their growth, and in line with that, it has managed some ground-breaking collaborations with the names such as: Synapse Network, Kommunitas and PlayPad. And many more planned in the weeks and months to follow as seen on the official website.

However, that is not the only thing MMC Ventures Capital team set sights on, the mission to take the project to the widest reach possible. And in order to achieve that, they have established partnerships with major agencies, granting them access to well-known Artists, Actors, Influencers, Gamers, YouTubers, Celebrities and KOLs, helping MMC Ventures Capital transform the blockchain industry for the betterment.

Magical Mansa Musa

Aside from the standout concept by MMC Ventures Capital, one thing that keeps it going is the founder, Magical Mansa Musa, an investor and early Crypto adopter. He has been involved in the industry since 2013, since the days when Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ripple were ruling the charts.

With the years of experience of Mansa, he aims to take the MMC Ventures Capital project to the next level, to be the very best Blockchain VC firm. The company network reaches far with hundreds of household names such as Offset and Adin Ross involved. 

The Community Growth

Over the past few months, MMC Ventures Capital has accumulated over 10,000 members in their Telegram groups (Magical Mansa Crypto and Mansa’s Millionaire Circle), 14,000 followers on Twitter and 19,000 subscribers on Snapchat.

The community fuels MMC’s strength. MMC Ventures Capital is also the incubator for Mansa’s Millionaire Circle – a closed, invite-only community for keen investors. With the power of MMC, they are able to provide rapid funding of up to 250,000 USDT for upcoming blockchain projects with a stress-free, simplified process.

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