Smartlink to Release Tezos-based NFT Launchpad in Q1 2022

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    • Smartlink to release Smartlink NFT Launchpad
    • This is slated to launch in Q1 2022It features blind auction and blind minting

Smartlink, a suite of decentralized applications built on the Tezos blockchain, has launched the first Smartlink NFT Launchpad. Home to some of the rarest NFTs on the internet, the platform seeks to promote the appeal of curated and exclusive NFT launches.

Moreover, the Smartlink NFT Launchpad will serve as the medium for artists to connect with a community and tools, and establish partnerships. What’s more, it will offer a slew of exciting features like auctions and blind minting. Artists and sellers also have the discretion to choose between blind and open auctions when listing NFTs.

Blind auctions are no strangers to the NFT industry. Here, bidders remain unaware of bids made by other users. In contrast to an open auction, everyone is aware of all the bids submitted.

The process starts with the NFT owner initializing the action with the required settings. Next, bidders place their bids during the predetermined auction period. After the bidding ends, NFT ownership is transferred to the highest bidder. Funds are then transferred to the previous NFT owner, less the management fee paid to SmartLink NFT Launchpad and royalties paid to the NFT issuer.

Artists using the Smartlink NFT Launchpad will have a dedicated page with custom layouts for open and blind auctions. In addition, the NFT page will provide detailed information such as bid history, average bid amount, NFT stats like views and likes, and auction timer.

On the other hand, blind minting adds a touch of mystery to the NFT acquisition process. Generative art pieces have different levels of rarities identified by specific traits, utility, and accessories. It is required that every minter, the original NFT buyer, should have the same right to acquire the rare NFTs.

Simply speaking, blind minting means the user cannot see what will be minted or what they will be buying. The NFT is unveiled after the minting process or at the end of the collection’s overall sales. Meanwhile, the Smartlink NFT Launchpad will be released in Q1 of 2022.

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